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Your career in a thriving family business


The KLOCKE Group is a family business that has been growing continuously for decades. We provide an environment that values and promotes individual strengths, which makes working here particularly rewarding.

Explore your benefits when joining the KLOCKE Group


Working in a medium-sized family business

Our corporate culture is based on values such as clarity, continuity, reliability, trust, respect, and appreciation. These values foster a healthy and conducive cooperation that leads to many joint successes.

A safe job in a stable industry branch

At KLOCKE, we have been focusing on steady growth and long-term stability for decades. Our unique selling points in a bulletproof industry make your job extremely secure and sustainable.

Continuous professional training according to your wishes

We value your talents and inclinations as much as your skills. That’s why we provide customised professional training tailored to your individual needs and wishes. Our goal is to help you develop to the best of your abilities at KLOCKE!

Company pension scheme, increasing with length of service

We support your pension scheme from the very beginning. Since we particularly value long-term cooperation, the workplace pension increases the longer you work with us.

Both Appenweier in the Ortenau region and Weingarten offer a high leisure value

Besides work, Appenweier and Weingarten near Karlsruhe have a lot to offer and high leisure value. The Upper Rhine region is known for its sunny weather and beautiful landscape.

Find out more about our sites:

KPS site Appenweier
KVS site Weingarten

Good regional and long-distance public transport connections

Both sites are easily accessible by car and public transport.

Free employee car parks

Park your car safe and for free on both sites, Appenweier and Weingarten, during working hours.

Tax-free benefits such as fuel vouchers

Wherever possible, KLOCKE supports tax-free fringe benefits such as fuel vouchers.

Generous shift allowances

Our manufacturing shift workers benefit from profitable shift allowances.

About twice a year: various staff events for promoting good collaboration

We believe that celebrating together is fun and strengthens cohesion. Therefore, employee events are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Workplace: bright and modern

We understand that your well-being is important. Our modern, bright, and ergonomically designed workplaces are designed to ensure that you feel comfortable and enjoy contributing to our success.

We promote health at work

Health is crucial. It is a valuable asset! There are numerous ways to keep fit and healthy at KLOCKE:

  • Our offices are work-economically furnished and we provide special chairs that prevent back problems
  • Participation in gym “back school” sessions provided by our health insurer
  • Enough time for a healthy lunch in our canteen or in nature, right outside the door
  • In-house trainings to support safe working
  • Implementation of your health ideas
  • Free drinking water dispensers in our production facilities and in the office buildings, so that you can quench your thirst at any time
  • Whenever possible: work from home if you need to care for a family member
Teams compete together in sporting events

For those who enjoy joint activities: KLOCKE teams offer a great opportunity for participants to train together and compete in regional sporting events.

Work from home: individually arrangeable

Only agree on days with your colleagues, and working from home is usually possible without any problem.

Flexible working hours

Take advantage of our flexitime scheme to flexibly organise your working hours.

Healthy at work through ergonomically designed workplaces

Our workplaces are designed with your health and well-being in mind, and optimized for ergonomic work conditions.

From application to onboarding


Thank you for applying! But, what happens next?
  • After reception and first review of your application, we will send you an interim response.
  • If you are eligible, we will invite you to an interview with our HR Manager and your future direct supervisor.
  • We offer the opportunity to work with us for a trial day if you wish.
You are hired. Let´s get started!
  • On your first day, your supervisor and your HR Manager will welcome you.
  • You will receive your detailed onboarding plan that will help you to feel quickly comfortable and to adapt to your new role.
  • In a guided tour, you will get to know the different departments in the company.
  • If you wish, we will introduce and portray you to your new colleagues in our monthly internal newsletter.
  • If necessary for your job, you will have the opportunity to work with several departments on a daily basis to better understand the context of your work and the company’s processes.
We show our appreciation: also in everyday working life.
  • We encourage your professional development, make the most of your skills at KLOCKE!
  • Your supervisor is there for you every day. Use this great opportunity to ask questions, but also to give feedback.