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Prevent supply bottlenecks


Every year, global markets are supplied with several 100 million blisters right in the heart of Europe.


We at KLOCKE see our task in creating solutions and taking on complex issues. In our medium-sized companies, we make decisions quickly and efficiently – a crucial factor in ensuring timely project completion. Our long-term partnerships with clients, who entrust us with the production and packaging of their entire product portfolios prove our commitment to quality and reliability.


Product & Service portfolio of KLOCKE Verpackungs-Service


For five decades, the KLOCKE Group has committed to the industrial packaging of products in aluminium & thermoformed packs.

Our machinery was built on the principle of redundancy. All machine types are available in more than one version. This is what makes us failsafe and ensures maximum flexibility.

All packaging lines are equipped with automatic cartoning systems and bundling stations. The products can be serialized, aggregated and tamper-evident sealed in-line.

One of the key features of our packaging service is our in-house CAD design department enabling affiliated toolmaking. This means very short lead times until the realisation of your projects. With more than 3,000 tool sets available on-site, we can help keep your project costs low.

Blisters for liquids

We are also experts for the filling of liquids and creams in thermoformed packs. Individually designed blister machines allow us to produce tailor-made peel and break-off packagings which we fill with liquids, creams or pastes.

By printing on multilayer composite films on both sides, we can give your packs a highly individual design. Such pretty miniature packs are popular as promotional samples and for single-use.

Our design department will help you to reconcile your design wishes and marketing aspects with technical feasibility.

Cans & Bottles

Filling of dry bulk by weight

Our machinery allows the filling of dry bulk materials such as powders and granules ranging from
100 g up to 1000 g into cardboard or plastic cans. Every machine automatically weighs and adds individual quantities.

Filling of bulk single units by counting

Some of our lines are capable to count single bulk units such as capsules, tablets, film-coated tablets and dragées. Those are filled into jars or cans.

KLOCKE´S modern filling lines are equipped with various technical options, allowing processing into round or square containers, usage of lids with induction seals and we also can apply labels or fanfolds.

Throughout its entire duration, extensive control equipment makes the filling process safe.

We process a wide range of different plastic and dispenser tins which can be fitted with a bounce lid or screw lid.

Your primary and secondary packaging can be provided with a serialization number. We offer the processing of bundle packs, temper-evident closure for your folding boxes as well as pallet aggregation.

Secondary packaging

The outer visual appearance of your product is critical at the point of sale! Make your product an eye-catcher with the help of an appealing presentation and an inviting secondary packaging!

Secondary packaging is a fully automatic process: Packaging lines insert blisters and instructions for use and fix vignettes and bollinis. Datamatrix codes are applied in-line.


Technical equipment:

Our packaging lines are equipped with integrated solutions from our partner OCS. These OCS stations meet all requirements of the EU Directive: 20 characters serial number printing, product code printing (PPN, GTIN, NTIN), 2-D data matrix code.

Devices in use involve:

  • TQS-SP (serialization of folding boxes)
  • TQS-HCA stations (serialization and checkweighing of folding boxes)
  • TQS-OEM (serialization of tags on primary packaged bottles/vials)
  • TQS-BP (serialization of bundle labels and aggregation)
  • TQS-CP (serialization of outer cartons and aggregation)

An additional line for the serialization and aggregation on multiple packaging levels (e.g. for the Chinese market) is available.

Every packaging line can provide serialization on folding boxes. Please contact us if you need serialization on other packaging levels or aggregation.


KLOCKE uses the ARVATO CSDB software for processing and generating serialization reports. SYSTEC & SERVICES is our partner for software implementation who connects also our customers to their internal software solutions.

Tamper-Evident safety closure

Our lines are ready for the implementation of Tamper Evident requirements on folding cartons.

We deploy the following systems:

1. Hot Melt

Folding boxes can be safely sealed by applying hot melt to the dust flap lock – our favorite solution for sealing folding boxes.

2. Tamper-Evident labels

Tamper-evident labels can be used on some of our packaging lines to provide the security seal. The OCS equipment allows us to apply the labels in-line to the folding boxes. Our labels comply with standards that can be used for the secure sealing of your folding boxes.

Packaging development – individual and in-house

We have decades of experience in the field of packaging, especially in the blistering of solids and liquids. Our expertise is further enhanced with outstanding competent staff who are always at your disposition in our house-intern technical development department. Our skilled design draughtsmen, film and packaging material experts will be happy to advise you.

KLOCKE Verpackungs-Service designs, elaborates and accomplishes your packaging solutions, including foil product development. We give you advice and make material recommendations while coordinating suppliers, packaging development, technical 3D drawings in CAD as well as in-house packaging tests.


You can also benefit from our expertise.
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