Blisters - Solids

For more than four decades, we have specialized in the industrial packaging of solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms into aluminum- and thermoformed blisters, with both pushing-through or peeling-off opening system. We dispose of approx. 3.000 toolings which are immediately applicable.

Our machinery park has been built up on the principle of redundancy. All machine types are available more than once, so that our clients enjoy a maximum of flexibility and fail-save operation. All classes of machines dispose of an automatic packaging and grouping unit. We have three important machine types, each with a special focus: machines for small and smallest quantities, machines for middle-sized to high volumes which manufacture continuously, as well as machines which work intermittently, e.g. for the treatment of Polypropylene foils.

One of our special strengths is our in-house department for CAD-constructions with affiliated tooling construction, which enables us to react extremely fast to new enquiries. Long years of experience in constructing and testing product feeding systems, enables us to handle all product feeding techniques customary in the market. We will find a creative solution for your product.

Blister - Liquids

For many years, we have been developing technological expertise in the special field of pharmaceutical filling of liquids in deep drawn packs and have reached the technological leadership in this field. Peelable- as well as breaking-off packs are part of our program, whereas the last-mentioned are the heart of our expertise on this field. The necessary technologies are highly-specialized.

Generally, the packaging is a process which is split into multiple steps. The primary packaging is done in especially conditioned sectors, which are separated by airlocks. The finished break-off packs are now available for the Quality Control as intermediates and can - after succesful testing - be packed in an individual final packaging.

Here, thermoform- as well as aluminium packs can be used, which conform to stability- as well as childresistance questions. The process of secondary packaging with packaging in-line, tray-packer and shrink tunnel is provided with a robotic pick-and-place feeding system, fully automatic and extremely flexible.

When developing your product, we will assist you to find a suitable foil combination. We would be pleased to find new ways in developing tailored composites for your product, together with you and with our supplier.

 Our construction department will assist you in finding a combined solution for both your design- and marketing aspects and the technical feasibility.

  • 14 thermoforming lines Romaco 921/950
  • 4 thermoforming lines Romaco 623
Various possibilities:

Standard thermoforming foils:

  • PVC
  • Aclar-Compounds
  • PP
  • Individual compounds
  • various Aluminumcompounds

Cover foils:

  • Alu hard or soft
  • Pergamin/Alu
  • Paper/Alu
  • Pet/Alu

Perforations: Longitudinal-/transversal-/crossperforations

Printing: Random-/pocket-/calender printing

Variable Data can be printed with either Inkjet or steel type embossing