Klocke Gruppe


Our production of pouches disposes of ten modern and flexible machines, thus we are able to fill powders and granules into pouches. We put a special emphasize on our multi-dosing system, here we are able to fill different components – via two independent feeding units – into one pouch.

We dispose of different types of dosing systems (auger filling, slide feeding or drum dosing) that will be applied to your product’s specifications and the quantities to be filled. Our standard filling volumes are from 500 mg up to 100 g. Thanks to our flexible line constructions, we can manufacture a wide variety of formats without tooling costs.

Capacities for packaging of lumpy solids into four-sides-sealed pouches are available, too.

All current multilayer-films made from PET, PE, OPP, paper and aluminium can be used.

Our stand-alone break-off blister

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