KLOCKE offers a wide variety of packing technologies for the packaging of in-house manufactured products, as well as for the classic contract packaging with bulk manufactured externally and provided by our customers.

To be mentioned in particular is the activity focus of each site. The packaging site in Weingarten has blister capacities of up to 500 million blisters per year in the field of solid products and a highly specialized machine park in the field of pharmaceutical liquids.

The site in Appenweier has a clear focus on the field of pouches, with a modern and redundant machine park, equipped for multi-dosing.

The range of packaging services covers:

» blisters (solids)
» blisters (liquids)
» pouches (sealed on four sides)
» glasses & bottles & dispensers for non-fluid goods
» Plastic tins / cans and cardboard boxes with powder and granulate
» cards
» secondary packaging

Our stand-alone break-off blister

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