Mixing & Granulating

Mixing and granulating equipment is the basic equipment of every pharmaceutical manufacturer. The following technologies are used in our company:

Sieving / Grinding
Several Comill and Frewitt Screening machines with usual screen sizes are at our disposal. A ball mill as well as a pin mill are used for grinding anorganic substances.

Container / Free fall mixer
Free fall mixes can be manufactured as barrell mixture (50 to 200 l) or in the container (600 to 2.300 l).

Compulsory mixer
Here we dispose of a 60 and 600 l Diosna for scheduled quantities of 200kg, resp. 20kg.

Fluid bed granulator
Our fluid bed granulators are designed for drying and for pelleting processes with aqueous and solvent-based media. The facilites are provided with a bottom-spray function and can be used either as a single-pot granulator or together with the available compulsory-mixers. The scheduled quantities are approx. 200kg for production, resp. 30kg for scale-up.

Vacuum granulator
The vacuum granulators are especially suitable for sensitive raw materials, such as herbal starting materials. The double-shell machines allow a precise process in regard to product temperature as critical process parameter. The scheduled quantity in the 900l.

  • Container tumble mixer
  • Diosna P600 high shear mixer
  • 3 x Ventilus V400 Fluidized Bed Granulator
  • Ventilus V50 Fluidized Bed Granulator