Filling of hard gelatine capsules

To fill capsules, we dispose of a broad range of standardized and state-of-the-art technologies. A large choice of format sizes is available, including special sizes such as DB B, DB A, DB AA, 1el, 0el, 00el and others. For powder dosing we dispose of both plate and tube dosing technologies.


Multi dosed capsules

Our multi dosing capsule filling equipment of the Modu C series uses state-of-the-art technology. Thus, we dispose of machinery for small scale-up productions (Modu-C-LS) as well as for medium volumes (Mode-C-MS). Those machines allow to dose up to three different forms per capsule. Therefore, e.g. powder, pellets and (micro-) tablets can be filled into one hard gelatine capsule. Thanks to the modular construction, various combinations are possible. We would appreciate to check the product combination needed by you.

Manufacturing of very small quantities

In order to fill very small quantities (starting from only 1 capsule), we have special innovative hand filling equipment for manufacturing multi-dosed hard gelatine capsules.

Innovative and flexible filling possibilities

Dosing systems for powder

Each & every question you have regarding capsule filling - be sure we can help you!

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  • Harro Höfliger Modu C-MS for multi combination fillings with different dosing systems
  • Harro Höfliger Modu C-LS for multi combination fillings with different dosing systems
  • several manual devices for manufacturing of smallest quantities - starting from 1 capsule - with focus on multi dosing
  • Plate dosing machine
  • Tube dosing machine
  • Innovative capsule machine (with variable and freely combinable dosing systems)