Klocke Gruppe

Sugar-coating & film-coating

Sugar coating
The classic sugar coating is done by experienced coating masters in our company.

Film coating
For film coating, we dispose of GS-coaters with scheduled quantities of 200kg and 20kg. We can handle aqueous and solvent-based laquers. Thereby, uncomfortable taste can be covered, swallowing can be facilitated, the active ingredient can be protected - if desired, the film can be enteric-coated, so the active ingredient will only be released in the colon.

Your personal contact
Tanja Hefke
+49 (7805) 401 231
  • XL Cota 350 (350kg)
  • 1 GS-Coater (200kg) for aqueous and alcoholic filming
  • 4 film pans (each 120kg)
  • Zanchetta 25 l scale up coater