Analytics and Microbiology

With our in-house laboratory, incoming raw materials and finished goods can be analysed according to monography standards or product dossiers.

Likewise, the products are analysed and released for packaging or to the market.

As additional services our laboratory offers:

Further analytical examinations (gas chromatography, AAS (atomic absorption spectrophotometry), particle check with Malvern or REM, microbiological testings etc.) are provided by our audited partner laboratories.

Stability Studies

To define and proof durability of products, as well as for the regular check of former data, products need to be stored in ICH conditions and regularly analysed.


  • HPLC systems 1100 and 1200 Series (Agilent)
  • IC instruments IC 882 (Metrohm)
  • NIR instrument MPA 10023513
  • FT-IR instrument Tensor 27 (Bruker)
  • FT-IR instrument Alpha (Bruker)
  • UV instrument Cary 50 (Varian)
  • Release instrument PTWS 610 (Pharmatest)
  • Release instrument VK 7020S (Varian)