Klocke sports

It is of great concern for us that our colleagues feel fit and healthy! In order to compensate the office desk hours, the interest in sports activities is high.

Therefore, we are supporting sports, as part of a healthy life. Excercising outdoors is relaxing and keeps you healthy!

The cyclist sponsored by Klocke, Thorsten Schiem at Alpenbrevet 2016


Klocke football team

Racing cyclist Thorsten Schiem, supported by Klocke, at the Dreiländergiro


The football club Urloffen's B-youths with new shirts, sponsored by Klocke

The football club Plittersdorf's E-youths with new shirts, sponsored by Klocke

B2Run - Karlsruhe 2019


On 4 July 2019, more than 9,200 participants from some 450 companies attended the B2Run in Karlsruhe - including 17 colleagues from the Klocke.

At 7.30 pm the starting signal was given and we jogged and walked on the 5.35 km long route through the beautiful Karlsruhe Schlossgarten.

It was a bit warm .... but nevertheless our first runners went to the finish after about 26 minutes.

Thanks to the wonderful organization by our team captain Sabrina Schröder, we were able to concentrate fully on running - everything else had already been arranged for us - at this point many thanks again.

Again in 2022, a total of 22 colleagues took part. Many more came to support at the finish. It has become a nice tradition for the whole KLOCKE team, which will certainly be continued in 2023.

Thorsten Schiem

"Cycling is my passion. Since the year 2003 I am excercising with lots of ambition and engagement. Being specialized on long-distance races for amateurs, I am taking part in several events in the Alpine region every year. Since 2007, Klocke-Pharma Service GmbH has been supporting me and I am proud to wear the Klocke Shirt.

True to the motto: pain will leave - pride will stay!

I take this opportunity to warmly thank all people involved!"